Hi, I'm Susan Kirby-Smith!

I compose dynamic stories of people, places, communities, institutions, industry, science, and art. Through words, I bring information to life – whether that's moving feature stories, impeccably researched reports, lively advertising copy, or compelling scripts for video. My triumphs include serving as the sole assistant editor on a documentary selected as finalist for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, being retweeted by the MacArthur Foundation, and fueling a major university rebranding with my material. Informative, nuanced, and graceful, my work generates interest in and grows audiences for research, the arts, natural landscapes, sustainable business, and memorable moments in institutional history. I am also an extremely skilled editor, and I mentor writers in language, grammar, storytelling, and style on a daily basis. I have a strong sense for detail, imagery, and moments that matter. I care about words, and I take care with them.

Content Writing
Marketing Copywriting
Multimedia Writing
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